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One of the benefits of maintaining national certification is the privilege to highlight your professional accomplishment with NBCC certification marks. Use the NCC certification mark in your signature line and on business cards, websites and other promotional materials to show colleagues, clients and employers that you have met high national standards for professional counseling.

What National Certification Means to Potential Employers

In order to become certified, National Certified Counselors (NCCs) voluntarily meet national standards in education, experience and conduct. To maintain their certification status, National Certified Counselors (NCCs) must satisfy NBCC requirements, including the completion of continuing education requirements and adherence to ethical standards. You can easily review the ethical standards of National Certified Counselors through our innovative and interactive Code of Ethics. NBCC also provides standards for counselors who provide distance professional services. National Certified Counselors must complete quality, verified continuing education in order to maintain their certification, which means staying current.

Savvy employers recognize hiring counselors who are certified provides clients with access to professionals who meet national standards in professional counseling. With National Certified Counselors, employers can be confident in staff members’ qualifications.

What Your NCC Means to Potential Clients

This professional is committed to counseling.

The NCC is voluntary. Professionals who complete this voluntary process distinguish themselves from those who only pursue credentials that are required for practice. As an NCC, you show your dedication to providing quality services and to the counseling profession.

This professional voluntarily submits to an established conduct review conducted by professionals in counseling.

Counselors work with sensitive information. If there is a question about your actions, clients or others may follow an established process to obtain a neutral review of their concern.

This professional is required to remain current with developments in the profession.

National Certified Counselors complete continuing education in order to maintain their certification and stay current with developments in the profession.

This professional may have specialty practice areas.

NCCs have the opportunity to demonstrate expertise with NBCC specialty certifications: the Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC), Master Addictions Counselor (MAC) and National Certified School Counselor (NCSC). These certifications show that you have met national standards for a specialty practice, including additional education and experience requirements and a specialty examination.

Using Your Certification Mark

You can use NBCC certification marks to distinguish yourself as a nationally certified professional who has met established standards in counseling. NBCC certification marks are for use only by National Certified Counselors, in accordance with the Certification Mark Use Policy.

Examples of Proper Certification Mark Use

The following examples show some of the ways you can include the NCC certification mark, and any specialty certification marks, with your name.

NCC Only
NCC with Specialty
Jane Doe, NCC®Jane Doe, NCC®, NCSC™
John Doe, National Certified Counselor™ John Doe, NCC®
Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor™
Jane Doe
Jane Doe
John Doe
National Certified Counselor™

Examples of Proper Certification Design Mark Use

The following examples show how you can include the NCC certification design mark, and any specialty certification design marks, on websites or business cards:

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