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NBCC Professional Advocacy Efforts

National certification helps support NBCC’s advocacy efforts on behalf of the counseling profession. NBCC promotes the counseling profession and National Certified Counselors (NCCs). NBCC offers guidance and support to leaders and individuals on specific initiatives and provides targeted outreach on critical advocacy issues.

Government Affairs

NBCC’s current government affairs objectives include:

Additionally, NBCC is a sustaining member of the Fair Access Coalition on Testing, a national organization that works to ensure that the public has access to psychological and other testing instruments.

How You Can Help

If you want to advocate for the counseling profession and receive additional news about government relations activities, join the NBCC grassroots network (please include your contact information and NCC number). NBCC’s grassroots network consists of NCCs who care about important issues for the counseling profession and are motivated to get involved by contacting their legislators to help pass important counselor legislation.

You do not have to wait to make your voice heard. If you are ready to contact your representatives about the issues that matter to you, download our Guide to Advocacy Communication.


NBCC’s advocacy efforts include profession-specific publications such as “The Role of Government and Lobbying in the Creation of a Health Profession: The Legal Foundations of Counseling .” This article, which appeared in the Journal of Counseling & Development, provides a history of the political and legal history of the counseling profession. NBCC also joined Chi Sigma Iota, the international counseling honor society, to create NBCC’s Client Rights and Responsibilities, a poster published jointly with Guide to Counselor Certification. NBCC also publishes Counselor Preparation: Programs, Faculty, Trends, a book that provides specific information about counselor preparation programs, assesses the current state of the counseling profession and predicts trends.