Advantages of National Certification through NBCC

Obtaining a certification through NBCC provides benefits to the individual certificants, employers, potential clients and the profession as a whole.

For the counseling profession, NBCC's certifications:

  • Provide national standards based on research in the profession.
  • Furnish a mechanism for the profession to self-regulate through the implementation of the NBCC Code of Ethics.
  • Offer standards that are managed by professional counselors. (Professional counselors hold key positions at NBCC.)

For certificants, possession of national certification through NBCC:

  • Represents completion of national standards determined by the counseling profession.
  • Enhances professional reputation and credibility.
  • Provides a sense of personal accomplishment.
  • Demonstrates a high level of commitment to the profession.
  • Offers an opportunity to demonstrate a specialization (i.e., school counseling, clinical mental health, addictions).
  • Encourages continued professional development and skill expansion.
  • Increases opportunities for career advancement and/or increased earnings.

For employers, having NCCs on staff:

  • Demonstrates a commitment to the populations served.
  • Aids in making employment decisions..
  • Boosts confidence in the abilities offered by staff members.
  • Provides a resource for adjudicating ethical concerns.
  • Assures the continued professional development of staff.

For the general public, the NCC credential:

  • Assists in the identification of counselors who have voluntarily met national professional standards in addition to what is required by a state to practice.
  • Provides an established process to have concerns and disciplinary actions reviewed.