NCMHCE Scoring & Results

Scoring Procedures

  • There are ten clinical simulations on the NCMHCE.
  • Each section of each simulation problem has been classified according to the examination content outline. Each content area is further divided into two sections: Information Gathering (IG) and Decision-Making (DM).
  • IG sections assess the candidate's ability to gather appropriate clinical data required to evaluate a situation or to make a decision. DM sections assess the candidate's ability to solve clinical problems by utilizing data in rendering judgments and decisions.
  • Each option on the NCMHCE is assigned a weight ranging from +3 to -3 based on the level of appropriateness for effective client care.
  • A total score is calculated for each of the IG sections and DM sections on the examination. A candidate must obtain a total score equal to or greater than the passing total score for both the IG and DM sections in order to pass the exam.

Examination Results

  • You can expect to receive your score reports via first class mail approximately six weeks after the exam date. No scores are released by telephone.
  • NCMHCE's score report contains (1) three subscale scores for both the IG and DM sections and your total score in both sections and (2) minimum passing scores for the IG and DM sections.