Using Your Certification Mark

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Using Your Certification Mark

You can use NBCC certification marks to distinguish yourself as a professional who has completed established standards in counseling.

Make sure the NCC or specialty certification marks you currently hold appear close to your name on professional counseling materials. This way it distinguishes you and highlights your professional achievement.

NBCC certification marks are for use only by certificants, in accordance with the Certification Mark Use Policy.

Examples of Proper Certification Mark Use

The following examples show some of the ways you can include the NCC certification mark, and any specialty certification marks, with your name.

NCC Only
NCC with Specialty
Jane Doe, NCCJane Doe, NCC, NCSC
John Doe, National Certified Counselor John Doe, NCC
Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Jane Doe
Jane Doe
John Doe
National Certified Counselor

Certification Design Marks

As an NCC, the following graphic NBCC certification design marks are intended for your use. You can download the appropriate mark, depending on your specialty certifications, for use in online and printed materials. (Click on a design mark below to open a high-resolution version suitable for printed materials.)

You can use the NBCC certification design marks on business cards, Web advertisements and other promotional materials, as shown in the following examples

Sample Web ad
Sample business card