NBCC Guide to Recertification

Guide to Recertification

“ “It is very important. It shows commitment to the profession. Your NCC means that you are certified nationally—not just at the state level. There is camaraderie and connection.

Why Recertify Your NCC? • Access to low-cost, highly rated liability insurance through CM&F Group. • The ability to market yourself using your certification. • Use of NBCC certification marks on business cards, advertisements, websites, and other promotional materials. • The opportunity to participate in free webinars offered by the NBCC Foundation. National certification from NBCC shows your colleagues and the public that you have voluntarily met high national standards for the practice of counseling. Additionally, you will receive a number of benefits, including: Learn more about the benefits of certification.

Temporary Inactive Status Reduced Practice Status Retired Status What NCC Status Fits NCC Status Options

If you want to retain your NCC but are no longer working full-time as a counselor, you can change your NCC status to better reflect your current work situation. The three additional status options are reduced practice, retired, and temporary inactive. For more information on these statuses and the appropriate forms, please visit the NBCC website. NBCC cannot change your certification status without the appropriate form and payment. Please make any status changes before submitting payment for your current status. All fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable. What If My Status Has Changed?

“ “Becoming a National Certified Counselor was something that I didn’t even really consider not doing, because I want to be the best counselor I can be, and being certified, to me, is one of the highest counselor achievements that I can strive for.

You can complete the recertification process online through the Credentialing Gateway! Click the green area, shown above, to begin. On the next page, in the left-hand navigation panel (shown above), click the Recertification button. Over the next few screens, you will complete the Ethics and Continuing Education Attestation, upload any Continuing Education (CE) documentation (if you are randomly selected for an audit), and submit payment. How Do I Recertify Online?

“ “As an NCC, I recognize the importance of continued growth, so I engage in continual professional development by reading professional journals, attending and presenting at national conferences, and pursuing other continuing education opportunities.

If you need to submit your CE documentation to an audit, you can do so in a few ways. To submit your continuing education materials online, log in to your Credentialing Gateway account and follow these steps: • Select your certification. • On the left-hand side, click the Continuing Education tab. • Click on the green Add button to begin uploading documentation. You can instead mail your documentation to: NBCC Recertification Department 3 Terrace Way Greensboro, NC 27403 Alternatively, you may fax your documentation to 336-547-0017 or email to recertification@nbcc.org. Please note that you should only submit your continuing education documentation if you are selected for an audit. You will receive an email notification when the audit is complete or if additional information is needed. How Do I Submit My CE Documentation?

Continuing education is an important part of a counselor’s career. These clock hours are required to maintain NCC certification, as well as many state licenses. Every month, 10 percent of recertifying NCCs are selected for a continuing education audit. The purpose of the audit is to make sure that the continuing education activities meet NBCC requirements. If you have been selected for an audit, you are required to provide documentation of your completed CE activities. These activities must total at least 100 CE hours, or 10 hours if you are in reduced practice status and 0 hours for retired status. If you have not been selected for an audit, you are not required to submit your CE documents. Payment of fees attests to your completion of the continuing education requirement. Continuing Education and Audit Information

An audit notification will appear at the top of the Continuing Education page of your recertification process as shown in the following image. How Will I Know If I Was Selected for an Audit? If you are randomly selected for an audit, you will not be able to proceed to the next section without uploading documentation of the required 100 continuing education hours. Although we encourage you to upload your CE documentation, if you were not selected for an audit, you may proceed to the next section without documenting the required hours.

“ “In such an important profession where people care for people, certification is a way to inform and practice on the highest level. The NCC is a reminder to continue both personal and professional growth in an ever-changing and complex field.

If you need additional time to obtain the CE hours required for recertification, you can request an extension. Email your request to recertification@nbcc.org. The extension request will require the following information: 1. An explanation of the extenuating circumstances that prevented you from completing the continuing education requirement during the five-year certification period. 2. A plan of action and timeline for completing the required continuing education hours. 3. The total number of CE hours already completed. Upon receipt of the necessary information, your request will receive careful review. You will be notified of the decision in writing. NBCC can grant a maximum extension of 12 months from your expiration date. If you qualify, you will be notified of the length of your extension. Please note that an extension does not alter the dates of the following certification period. You will have five years from your expiration date to complete the CE requirement for the following certification period. Note that the five years begin on your expiration date, not the end date of your extension. What If I Need More Time to Complete My CE Hours?

There are many opportunities for you to earn the continuing education hours necessary to recertify your NCC. A great starting place is our online list of NBCC-approved providers. What If I Still Need More Continuing Education Hours? Ways to Earn Continuing Education Credit Publication/Presentations/ New Program Development Dissertation Seminars, Workshops, or Conference Courses Supervision/Consultation Home-Study Continuing Education College or University Courses Leadership Unrelated Programs Recertification/Reinstatement by Examination Learn more about NBCC-approved providers.

After you complete the recertification process, you will receive your new certificate in four to six weeks. You are now responsible for completing the continuing education requirement for your new certification cycle as determined by your current certification status. If you need verification of your certification, click on Verification of Certification Request in the left-hand navigation. If your request includes mailing the verification, please send an email to recertification@nbcc.org with the necessary information. Still have questions? Email recertification@nbcc.org. What’s Next?

NBCC 3 Terrace Way Greensboro, North Carolina 27403-3660 Tel: 336-547-0607 Fax: 336-547-0017 Email: recertification@nbcc.org