The information on this page is for those individuals who fit into one of the following two categories:

If the descriptions above do not apply to you, and you wish to change the status of your certifcation, please visit the 'Change Your Certification Status' page.

Not in Good Standing

NCCs whose credentials have not lapsed but are not in good standing due to non-payment of annual fees may simply pay the annual fee and the related fee. Please send a copy of the "Late Fee Letter" that you received with the fee payment. You can also choose to pay online at MyNBCC.

Reinstatement Information for Lapsed NCCs

You do NOT have to reapply in order to reinstate your NBCC certification(s). Before you submit a request to reactivate your certification, contact the Recertification Department to determine the exact amount of any past due fees and late fees owed. You must include your payment with any other required material. You may email this department at

Instructions for Reinstatement for Lapsed NCCs

  1. Contact to obtain a Reinstatement Application.
  2. Pay the required fees (past due fees and late fees plus the current reinstatement fee of $85.00).
  3. Attach copies of continuing education documents. You must document 100 hours of continuing education since your last recertification date. If you do not have the required continuing education, you may elect to take the National Counselor Examination (NCE) instead. Please see the recertification page for more information about these options.
  4. Mail the entire packet to: NBCC Recertification Department, P.O. Box 77698, Greensboro, NC 27417-7698