Voluntary and Mandatory Continuing Education Audits

Mandatory Audits for Recertification

  • 10% of each recertification group is randomly chosen to have their continuing education activities audited.
  • Notification of selection for mandatory audit will be included with the recertification form received by NCCs at the end of their five-year recertification period.
  • These NCCs must submit copies of documentation for the 100 required hours of continuing education.
  • Forms and payment must be returned with continuing education documents in order for recertification to be complete.

Voluntary Audits for Recognition

  • NCCs who wish to receive recognition for their outstanding achievement in continuing education may elect to have their continuing education activities audited voluntarily.
  • Voluntary audits are available to NCCs who have accrued 130 or more contact hours.
  • NCCs may apply for the Voluntary Recognition Audit during the last twelve months of their current five-year cycle, or the first twelve months following recertification.
  • A $45.00 fee is required.
  • Those NCCs who pass the audit will receive a certificate recognizing their commitment to continuing education in the field of counseling, a letter from the President and CEO, and notation in the NBCC newsletter.
  • This process does not take the place of formal recertification.