Recertification Information for National Certified Counselors (NCCs)

The information below pertains only to requirements for recertification of NBCC credentials. The requirements for renewal of any other credentials, including a state counselor license, must be obtained by contacting the board that administers that credential.


The NBCC Recertification Department will send a Recertification Form to all active NCCs 90 days prior to the certification expiration date.

The form, fees and any continuing education documentation required are due on the 15th day of the expiration month.

NCCs needing an extension for any reason must request that in writing. E-mailed requests should be sent to Written requests should be mailed to NBCC Recertification Dept, 3 Terrace Way, Greensboro, NC 27403.

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Continuing Education Regulations and Documentation

All NCCs are required to complete 100 continuing education (CE) clock hours in each five-year certification cycle. Any NCC who also holds the NCSC, CCMHC or MAC is also required to obtain a percentage of the 100 hours in the specialty area. NBCC counts continuing education credit in clock hours, also known as “hour for hour” credit. If you feel confused about how to count your clock hours, please contact the NBCC Recertification Department at

One academic semester hour/credit = 15 clock hours
One academic quarter hour/credit = 10 clock hours

To determine what may be counted for continuing education credit and how to document it, please see the information on the Continuing Education Requirements page and the other pages in the menu on the left.

Recertifying by Examination

NCCs are allowed to recertify by taking the National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification (NCE) in lieu of taking the 100 clock hours of continuing education. Please note that the exam should be requested within the last 12 months of the five-year certification cycle. Specialty credential exams may also be taken in lieu of earning the required number of specialty contact hours. Submission of the form and fee is required in order to be registered for the correct examination. Download the request form.

Code of Ethics & Annual Fee Payment

In addition to the continuing education requirement, NCCs are required to maintain adherence to the NBCC Code of Ethics and pay all annual fees. An important part of adherence to the NBCC Code of Ethics is prompt reporting of any violations, charges or infractions of any kind to the NBCC Ethics Office. You are required to report any such violations, charges or infractions within 60 days of the event. Reports must be made in writing, with all supporting documentation, to the NBCC Ethics Office.