NCC Network Submission Guidelines

Items accepted for NCC Network

  • report recent books published
  • report recent articles published
  • report of awards given
  • report of honors received

Thank you for your interest in submitting material for the NCC Network section of the newsletter. Please use the following formatting guidelines to compose your submission text, in 150 words or less, and email the entry to

We look forward to hearing from you!

How to format an entry for NCC Network:

  • In bold text
    1. Start with your first and last name followed by a comma.
    2. Give us your credentials, starting with your NCC, followed by a comma.
  • In regular text
    1. Tell us where you are from by listing your city (comma) and state abbreviation followed by a comma.
    2. Tell us what you did, what you wrote, what you were awarded, etc. Please keep in mind that space is limited and often varies from issue to issue so please be concise. NBCC reserves the right to change submissions for editing purposes or space limitations as needed.

Practical (fictional) examples of formatting:

Jane Doe, NCC, CCMHC, LPC, of Cleveland, OH, was awarded the 2009 Distinguished Counselor Award from State University. The recipient of this award is chosen from hundreds of candidates after an extensive review from an eight member committee. Dr. Doe will receive her award at a banquet in her honor on March 16, 2009.

John Doe, NCC, NCSC, CCMHC, LPC, of Chicago, IL, recently published The Counselor Chronicles (Hometown Publisher) in which the author details his experiences of 20 years as a school counselor at an inner city public school. This book can be ordered through or found at Barnes and Noble.