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Resources for Continuing Education Providers

As an NBCC Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP), you have direct access to more than 62,000 National Certified Counselors (NCCs) around the world. These NCCs are committed to the counseling profession and actively pursue their own professional development through continuing education (CE) activities.

Additionally, many state licensure boards are raising continuing education requirements and increasingly only accepting CE clock hours from NBCC-approved providers. Counselors and other mental health professionals recognize the value of NBCC-approved CE clock hours for maintaining their state license and seek out ACEPs to help them fulfill their CE requirements.


The NBCC ACEP logo is a signal to NCCs and licensed counselors that they can earn NBCC-approved CE clock hours for your live events or home-study programs. Make the most of your ACEP status by including the ACEP logo on all your program materials, as well as your Web site.

Continuing Education Calendar of Events

A great free advertising opportunity targeted specifically to NCCs is the continuing education calendar of events. The calendar is limited to ACEPs and approved single programs. It is a fast and convenient way to promote your CE event. Submit a calendar listing request today!

ACEP Directory

As an ACEP, your Web site is featured in our ACEP directory. This directory is a user-friendly way for counselors to find your site and your offerings. A special icon is used to identify home-study programs.

Exclusive Advertising Opportunities

NBCC offers you a number of advertising opportunities.

Apply Today

Whether you are seeking approval for a single program or are ready to become an ACEP, NBCC’s continuing education staff is dedicated to providing excellent, hands-on customer service and available for questions or guidance throughout the year.